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Ken and Trudi Blount Portrait:: Ken & Trudi's Testimony

Ken and Trudi were saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1971. They were introduced to God's power when Trudi was healed from a chronic eye problem at a home prayer group meeting. Her eyes had been crossed and her vision seriously impaired from an accident at age 4. But that evening, she was anointed with oil (they used Crisco) and prayed for in Jesus' Name. Jesus instantly healed her eyes and she threw away her glasses and contact lenses, having perfect 20/20 vision. This greatly impacted Ken and he received Christ and was delivered from alcoholism.

Ken and Trudi were called into ministry early in their Christian life. Ken, a former rock musician, began to sing and play drums in the local church they attended. In 1982, they began a relationship with Willie George in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that laid the foundation for everything they are today. Ken and Trudi's relationship with Willie George produced two phases of ministry.

First there was the development of children's ministry. Trudi was brought on staff to pray for the ministry's direction, and Ken worked alongside Brother Willie in the creation of The Gospel Bill Show. Ken wrote songs, produced kids' music, and became Gospel Bill's sidekick, Nicodemus, on the popular kid's Christian television program. The ministry exploded on the the scene in the fall of 1982 and became the largest children's ministry in the world.

Through seminars conducted across America and several countries of the world, Ken was able to train thousands of church workers how to bring children into God's presence through praise and worship and to give them the principles of how to minister the baptism of the Holy Ghost to children.Ken and Trudi Blount | Ken Bloung Ministries

Ken and Trudi's second phase of ministry was at Church On The Move, founded by Pastor Willie George in Tulsa, in July of 1987. The church was born with a vision to reach the entire family with the relevant gospel message, with an emphasis on the power of God and Gifts of the Spirit in manifestation.

Ken headed up the development of the music ministry, overseeing the adult and youth ministries with a strong influence over the children's music as well. under his leadership, the music ministry became a standard for excellence for churches around the country.

Ken established himself as a songwriter, penning many praise and worship songs, and hosted an annual, national music conference called Crescendo. Then in the beginning of 2002, God began to speak to Ken and Trudi about a change.

In the spring of 2002, after much thought and prayer, and several prophetic words of confirmation (some of which came from Pastor Willie George), Ken and Trudi made the difficult decision to leave Church On The Move and begin a traveling ministry. They have many different subjects that they teach on as they travel the world, but their emphasis always comes back to this: development of your personal relationship with Jesus through God's Word.



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